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Doula services (birth & postnatal)

"Leila supported me in the lead-up to the birth of my son. Her combined expertise as a yoga teacher, bodyworker and doula helped me build up strength, confidence in my breath, and to feel nurtured through massage. She supported me beyond birth with yoga and bodywork, giving me a space to relax and prioritise my wellbeing".                                            Jacqueline 

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Pregnancy and birth are a time of significant change both physically and emotionally.
As a birth and postnatal doula I act as your best advocate, supporting your voice to be heard at every stage. I will work to empower you, to protect your rights, to provide support & to help you to feel nurtured. 

I take a completely personalised approach to my doula services. Only you know what you need and what works best for you. Together we develop a relationship that ensures you feel supported and nurtured at each stage of your birth and postnatal journey.


I have trained with Abuela Doulas, an organisation which advocates particularly strongly for those marginalised in society and in maternal care on the basis of race, class, ability or gender. I have also trained in postpartum support with Red Tent Doulas. I can offer breastfeeding support, including LGBTQ+ lactation support. 

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Doula services can include:

Advocacy and protection of your space & your rights, whether you give birth at home or in hospital

Working with you & your family so that you feel supported 

Protecting this special time in your life, ensuring you feel so much more than a number in the system

Helping to ensure that you can approach each & every decision from a well-informed place

Strengthening your body in preparation for birth with yoga, breathwork and bodywork 

Providing a pre- and post-birth sacred space where you can relax & breathe, offering time just for you

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