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About me

I am an academic, a yoga teacher, a birth & postnatal doula, and a mother of two (well, two humans and two cats). I live in south-east London. 

My academic research and teaching focuses on African American and Black British literature, diaspora, cultural memory and aesthetics. My book, The Cultural Memory of Africa in African American and Black British Fiction, 1970-2000, was published by Palgrave in 2016, and my articles have appeared in a range of scholarly journals. My work has been called “boldly progressive” and “exhilarating”.


I teach Forrest Yoga, a challenging and exciting practice which also focuses on emotional healing. I teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga, restorative (deep relaxation) yoga, and meditation.


I am also a doula, offering support for birth and for the postnatal period, drawing on my own knowledge and experience of motherhood and birth. My yoga and doula clients find me “enlightened”, “welcoming”, and “inspirational”.


My academic expertise, my teaching, and my lived experience, all support my Anti-Racism Training for Non-Black People of Colour.


My passion, driving all my work, is for building resilience and strength of spirit in individuals and communities.

Contact me if you are looking for:

·      Group or private yoga which is designed to heal body and spirit

·      1-1 bodywork massage to address an injury, or for general wellbeing

·      Doula support for the antenatal period, the birth itself, or the postnatal period

·      Anti-racist education in group, individual or corporate settings​

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