I am a published and acclaimed author and lecturer, and a scholar of literature and race with over two decades' research experience. I am also a yoga teacher, a bodyworker, and a birth doula.

​In my academic research and lecturing, I focus on the history and mechanisms of racism and racial violence, and the role of resistance through the means of literature and the arts. My work discusses African American and Black British literature, exploring themes of diaspora, cultural memory, and the relationship to place.​

As a yoga teacher of ten years' experience, my work always begins in an awareness of meeting ourselves where we need to be met. My approach to yoga practice, bodywork, and to birthing are all supported by a profound connection to the breath, and to the possibilities for transformation which exist in the present moment.

Through all of my work, I am focused upon building resilience in individuals and in communities, and upon developing tools and an understanding which will support freedom on personal and social levels.