My regular Forrest-inspired Yoga classes are always centred upon a compassionate and mindful intent, and are a practice of building and deepening a connection with the breath and with the feelings in our bodies. Expect to be reasonably challenged physically by these classes which are also nourishing to the soul.


"I had been to many different yoga classes over the years but was searching for something different, something more personal when I was recommended Leila's class and immediately knew it was special.


I have been practising Forrest Yoga with Leila for 5 years now. She is a teacher who always manages to tune into the group to create the exact right challenging AND nurturing practice for that day.


She guides our minds as well as our bodies with enlightened ways of thinking, encouraging us to delve deep into ourselves to create our own ideal practice for that moment. She creates a space where we can truly breathe.


I'm so glad I found her."