"Kamali's boldly progressive scholarship represents an innovative and yet grounded approach to Black British identity"


— Dr Michelle M. Wright, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet Professor of English, Emory University

My academic specialisms are in African American and Black British literature, diaspora, transnationalism and cultural memory. My research investigates the relationship between memory, trauma, language, and tradition, in order to discover ways in which writing and the arts resist contemporary forms of racism and build new forms of citizenship.​


My Academic Background


I earned my PhD in English and Comparative Literary Studies in 2007, from the University of Warwick. I have since taught a wide range of university courses relating to postcolonial literature, black writing, and global culture. I have actively contributed to the research culture at institutions including King's College London, Goldsmiths University of London, and the University of Liverpool.


I have been committed to widening access to university-level education for students from diverse backgrounds, having taught on the world’s first MA in Black British Writing, and created the educational event ‘State Violence and the Poetic Response’


I believe that literature and the arts have the capacity to tell the truth about society and about humanity in ways that no other form of discourse can. Intellectual and artistic work, I believe, is an essential part of resisting and disrupting a political system which is based fundamentally upon exploitation.


Present and Future Offerings


Today, in line with the tumultuous changes in our society which we are experiencing in the time of COVID-19 and the anti-racist revolution, I am creating a range of educational and practice-based offerings which reflect my academic expertise in the history and literature of anti-racism and anti-colonial resistance.

Some of these offerings will be directed toward yoga practice and teaching, while others are tailored for corporate and professional settings. Details will be advertised on the 'Workshops and Courses' page. This work is designed to build the heart, train the intellect, and replenish the souls of those who create the society of today and tomorrow.