Empowering you physically, emotionally and spiritually on your journey toward birth

As a doula I know that each and every  birth is unique. My own birth experiences taught me this: I gave birth to my first child at home with minimal pain relief, and to my second child in hospital via an unplanned emergency C-section. As your doula I will support you fully to make informed and empowered choices at every stage of your journey.


It is my role as your doula to be your best advocate, and to support your voice to be heard during your pregnancy and birth. In working with you and your family and birth supporters, I can help to ensure that your birth experience is empowering and freeing, regardless of where or how it takes place. 

My training is with Abuela Doulas, an organisation which advocates particularly strongly for those marginalised in society and in maternal care on the basis of race, class, ability or gender.

As your doula I will help you prepare for birth using my wealth of experience as a yoga teacher and bodyworker so that you will be empowered, resourceful, fit and relaxed in approaching the arrival of your baby.


currently have very limited availability for taking on new doula clients. Contact me to discuss the possibility of shaping a bespoke package for working together toward your birth preparation.