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Anti-racism for Non-Black People of Colour: Workshops

Not ready to commit to the full Introductory Anti-Racism Training yet? These two workshops give you a chance to learn a bit about how this journey works, and become part of a Non-Black community of colour committed to anti-racist liberation. Take one workshop or both, to kickstart your conscious anti-racism work in a way that is aimed specifically to your needs.


Workshop Part I: What anti-racism feels like when you are a Non-Black Person of Colour

Thursday 20th June, 7.30-9.30pm, UK time, online  £55
Parts I and II - £100

You are not white, so you have been on the receiving end of some biases and assumptions about your colour, or just downright racism.

You are not Black and it’s possible you may hold anti-Black biases, though you are not sure whether these biases are present or not. You may hold biases against other POC. It is all possible.


None of this is your fault! It’s the product of the centuries-old racist system we live in.


As Non-Black POC we can get good at burying our feelings about racism, fitting in, being a ‘model minority’, or assimilating to the white centre.

This workshop uses yoga & embodiment practices, self-enquiry prompts and discussion to help you to clearly identify where you are on your anti-racism journey as a Non-Black POC.


By the end of our 2 hours together you will have an honest sense of how racism affects your life, and how to move forward as an empowered and self-aware anti-racist activist and advocate. You will feel refreshed and reflective, as all our work is grounded in self-care practices.

Workshop Part II: Putting anti-racism into practice as a Non-Black Person of Colour

Thursday 20th June, 7.30-9.30pm, UK time, online - £55
Parts I and II - £100

Anti-racism is not, and will never be, a tick-box exercise. It’s not something you do once and then is fixed.

Anti-racism is a lifestyle. In this workshop we will feel and reflect on how anti-racism becomes part of your lifestyle as a Non-Black POC.

Through yoga, awareness & self-enquiry practices, you will experience a felt sense of where racism leaves its trail in your life and consciousness. Through group discussion, we will reflect in community on how our specific relationship to racism and racist beliefs hold tremendous power for our work.

In this session, you will learn techniques and tactics for addressing and healing the harmful impact of racism in your life. You will get a window onto what resilience looks and feels like in an actively anti-racist Non-Black POC.

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