Anti-racism training for businesses and communities

Anti-racism training which can be tailored to your business or community’s need, taking into account its unique demographics, and the amount of time available for commitment to this important subject. This training aims to create ‘brave spaces’ within groups which may be composed of individuals at very different stages of their anti-racism awareness.


Brave spaces are those where people can speak their truth and be respected for it, and where the collective aim within an organisation is to call out and end racial bias. My particular approach to anti-racism training is to use my research expertise in Black literature and arts to work toward racial equity with great compassion for all and clarity of vision for a better society.

This training can be scaled according to time commitment available, with meetings scheduled across a shorter or longer span of time during the year. The learnings from the training are most effective if they are linked to an ongoing reading group which I will help you set up.

Contact me to discuss your organisation’s needs and for a fee quotation.


Anti-racism self-enquiry for yoga practitioners

Racism, racial bias and anti-racist work exists not just in our minds and our societies, but in our bodies. Anti-racism self-enquiry through yoga practice is a way of examining how we live in our bodies with our engrained racial attitudes, and of unwinding those patterns to heal ourselves and heal the world around us.


Less intellectual, more embodied, this way of working has all the additional benefits of yoga practice, bringing us greater stillness to our minds, and more flexibility and enhanced health to our bodies.

These sessions can be taught to groups or individuals. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Be prepared to supply your own yoga mats and props (yoga blocks, straps and blankets).

Contact me to discuss your interest in this offering and for a fee quotation.